Natural Speech Programming

Why natural speech programming?

Natural speech programming allows software developers to build software using spoken human languages. Freeing them from the constraints of syntax and grammar, enabling them to focus on logic and structure, and lowering the barrier to entry for working in any programming language.

Natural Voice Coding

Code in every language with natural speech.

Voqal revolutionizes the way developers interact with their IDEs by transforming them from graphical user interfaces (GUIs) to vocal user interfaces (VUIs). This innovation enables programmers to use their voice for software development.

Directive Programming

Code without syntax

Voqal allows you to code without worrying about syntax. Just tell Voqal what the code should do, and Voqal will take care of the rest.

Responds in your native tongue

Voqal supports OpenAI's Whisper and is able to speak many languages. Try programming in your native language!

Say objectives, not keywords

Voqal understand what the words you say mean in the context of software development.

Rubber duck debugging

Ask Voqal whenever you find yourself stuck trying to understand a piece of code.

Voice shortcuts

Voqal offers "vocal intents", giving developers vocal alternatives to keyboard shortcuts.

Context-Aware Assistant

Limitless recall

Using OpenAI's Assistant API, Voqal always remembers your preferences. Tell Voqal if you prefer an assistant with a bit a humor!

Configurable personality

Voqal's personality is highly customizable, allowing you to create an assistant that communicates with you on your level.

Navigate with ease

Navigate and manage your project's ecosystem with Voqal's deep understanding of your code structure.

Voice-Controlled Debugging

Adding breakpoints has never been easier. Tell Voqal where you want to pause execution and Voqal will do the rest.

Bring Your Own AI

With OpenAI, you'll have access to cutting-edge AI, all while maintaining full control over your data and usage.

Alternatively, you may integrate Voqal with other AI providers, giving you the flexibility to choose the best option for your needs.

Speak your ideas into existence!

Give your fingers a rest and increase your productivity with a hackable natural language programming assistant.

For a limited time, Voqal is offering reduced pricing for early adopters. Lock in your price now!
  • $10 $6 per month (for individuals)
  • $25 $10 per month (for organizations)